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stands at the forefront of entrepreneurial success as the driving force behind the dynamic trio of:

3 Thirsty Goats


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  ExceloWeb Solutions

ExceloWeb Solutions is a digital agency that offers custom web and app design, web hosting, and a suite of services tailored to client needs, ensuring functionality and customer engagement across projects. 

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Discover the latest in tech and personal care on our Shopify store! Upgrade your gadgets and grooming essentials with our curated selection. Shop now for innovative products designed to enhance your lifestyle!

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  3 Thirsty Goats Liquor

3 Thirsty Goats is a liquor store located in Colorado Springs, offering a wide variety of alcoholic beverages including whiskey, rum, tequila, beer, wine, vodka, cognac, and gin. 

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My team and I are committed to delivering not only engaging content but also tangible results that align with your business goals. Let’s embark on this journey of digital growth together! Connect with me on LinkedIn and explore more on my website.


I'm Dilli Bhattarai,

A visionary digital craftsman from the picturesque Parker, Colorado, originally hailing from the vibrant East of Nepal. As the CEO of ExceloWeb Solutions, I'm dedicated to revolutionizing digital identities through the art of storytelling and the strategic use of social media. My journey, spanning roles from a Sales and Marketing Specialist at 7-Eleven to a Real Estate Investor with Mount Everest Invest, has equipped me with a diverse skill set in IT Business Analysis, Online Advertising, and Social Media Marketing.

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